Schoolhouse Electric Supply CO Fall 2016 Page 15 Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Fall 2016

OPPOSITE PAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM): Tailor's Tape: $14 Enamel + Leather Utensil Holder: $48 Shelby Mod Pendant (shown in white): $289 Egg Press x Schoolhouse Big Picture Calendar: $34 Gates (Pink Walk-up) original artwork by Ben Cowan: $1,800 Concrete Tape Dispenser: $38 Flip Clock: $99 Dual Glaze Vase: $52 Textured Pedestal Dish: $26 Pop Light (shown in clear): $269; with G125-23 Clear Bulb: $16 Brass Cup: $38 Schoolhouse Slogan Pencil Pack: $14 Bent Metal Desk Organizer (shown in navy): $34 Red-Handled Snips: $32 Hasami Mug: $28-$34 Perfect Weekly Planner: $36 Utility Supply Box (shown in red): $115 Schoolhouse Extension Cord (shown in red and white chevron): $48 Classroom Stacking Chair (shown in black and oyster): $279 Foundry Desk (shown in industrial yellow): $999 Steel Waste Basket (shown in spruce green): $72 Cloth Cocktail Napkin Set: $28 THIS PAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM): Steel Waste Basket (shown in spruce green): $72 Flip Clock: $99 Perfect Desk Calendar: $34 Pop Light (shown in white, smoke and clear): $269; with G80-15 Clear Bulb: $10 15 / 800.630.7113 /

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