Schoolhouse Electric Supply CO Fall 2016 Page 9 Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Fall 2016

LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Norfolk 4" (shown in black with polished nickel metal details): $169; with Traditional Schoolhouse Shade (shown in 12" black stripe): $88 Morris 2.25" (shown in polished nickel and black ceramic glaze): $119; with Slim Cone Shade (shown in clear): $38; with Edison Marconi Bulb: $17 Factory Light No. 4 (shown in white): $209-$259 Fuller (shown in natural brass with clear shade): $429; with Edison Double Loop Bulb: $20 Norfolk 2.25" (shown in white with natural brass metal details): $129-$149; with Straight Bell Shade (shown in smoke): $38; with Edison Double Loop Bulb: $20 Morris (shown in natural brass and white ceramic glaze): $109; with G80-15 Clear Bulb: $10 Shelby Mod Pendant (shown in black): $289 Fuller Pendant (shown in antique black with white shade): $469 Brass Factory Modern No. 4 Pendant (shown in natural brass): $219-$269 9 / 800.630.7113 /

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