Fall 2015 Page 7 Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

OPPOSITE PAGE (TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT): Isaac Chandelier (shown in natural brass with black cloth cord): $499 SECO Marble Board: $45 Ceramic Match Striker Set: $36 Eyelit Pillow: $68 Autumn Orange Throw Pillow: $64 Pacific Plaid Pillow: $68 Gray Classic Piped Pillow: $68 Owen Side Table - Large (shown in factory white): $225 Shelby Mod Pendant (shown in persimmon): $289 Palm Leaf Framed Art (shown with black frame): $175 Split Leaf Framed Art (shown with black frame): $175 Backed Utility Stools 26" (shown in machine gray): $224 Herringbone Kitchen Towel (shown in marine blue): $28 Pan Brush: $5 7 schoolhouseelectric.com / 800.630.7113 /

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